Formfields are the hearth of Voyagers BREAD-system. Each formfield represents a field in your database-table and one input (or output) in BREAD. To tweak your formfields you can insert JSON options which are described in the following pages.

All formfields share a handful options:


All types can include a description in order to help your future self or other users using your Voyager admin panel to understand exactly what a specific BREAD input field is for, this can be defined in the Optional Details JSON input field:

"description": "A helpful description text here for your future self."


You can define define the width of a formfield as a number between 1 and 12, where 12 is full-width and 6 is half-width:

"width" : 6

Default value

Most formfields allow you to define a default value when adding an entry:

"default" : "Default text"

Custom view

You can specify a custom view to be used for a formfield. To do so, you have to specify the view attribute for your desired field:

"view": "my_view"

This will then load my_view from resources/views instead of the formfield.

You get plenty of data passed to your view for you to use:

  • $action can be browse, read, edit, add or order

  • $content the content for this field

  • $dataType the DataType

  • $dataTypeContent the whole model-instance

  • $row the DataRow

Developing a custom formfield? If you are developing a custom formfield and want to customize any of the views, you can do so by merging view into $options in your formfields createContent() method.